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Lizards number approximately four thousand species-more than all the other reptile species put together. They are found on every major land mass outside the cooler reigions of the world.
Vegetarians like the Desert Iguana, Chuckwallas are usually found around rocks. They have an interesting ability to swallow air and fills its body like a balloon. When threatened it enters a crack in the rocks and fills up with air, making it more difficult to pull from its spot. This was a favorite food of local Indians.


FRILLED LIZARD / chamydosaurus kingii
SIZE: 18 to 37 inches (45 to 95 cm)
RANGE: Forests, scrublands
HABITAT: southern new guinea to australia
LIFE CYCLE: Egg-laying; four to thirteen eggs


GRAY BURROWING LIZARD / blanus cinereus
SIZE: 8 to 12 inches (20 to 30 cm)
RANGE: spain, portugal, north western africa
HABITAT: woodlands with moist, sandy soil
LIFE CYCLE: probably egg laying


this beautiful lizard is not a good pet for begginers
as some can be aggresive and their jaws are strong
enough to take peoples fingers and maybe a hand.
the level of this lizard i would say it is an experienced
level due to the space needed and sometimes the
aggresion of the lizard and the injuries that could be contained!