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From new Zealand to North America, all the reptiles and amphibians of the world can be divided into eight biological
orders. Dispite the huge variety in each group, its species share features that distinguish them from the members of other orders!

Salamanders and newts are sometimes mistaken for lizards, but their moist skin and lack of scales mark them as amphibians rather than reptiles.
like frogs, most species undergo metamorphosis from a larval stage-usually aquatic with gills -to a terrestrial form.The majority of the salamanders and their larva are carnivorous, taking in insects and small invertebrates; the larger adults eat fish, worms, snails, and slugs. Secretive, essentially voiceless animals, they are chiefly nocturnal. They hide under fallen logs and damp leaf litter during the daylight hours where they find the fare that they feed upon. The larvae begin feeding immediately after hatching, devouring tiny aquatic animals.

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